Make $200 Everyday With Google Adsense & Facebook

This is one article I’ve wanted to write since last year, it didn’t happen because I was engaged in series of activities that took away a lot of my time but actually still paid off.
This method I am going to show you still work because I have been earning within $100 to $200 daily, since november 2016, when I discovered this method. I know people who are earning within $15,000 - $80,000 monthly with this method I am going to show you here, and the good thing is you can have it as a side business, 100% automated and making money for you, The faster you start, the better.

Things you need
·         A Website
·         An Adsense account
·         A Facebook Ads account
·         A Facebook Fan Page and a budget to start. I’d recommend $200 at least per month would be ok.

How does it work?

It is quite simple, but not as easy as it sounds.
Basically, you’re going to create a News website with wordpress or blogger and send tons of traffic to it.
The most important is that you create nice and simple articles with viral images, videos or stories depending on your niche, and make them go viral with Facebook.
When the people visit your blog, they’ll see Google Adsense  and you’ll earn money from the clicks you receive.
Adsense to me is most preferable because the Adverts will not be relevant if you use any other network. Sooner or later, you’ll want to move to a CPM based network, but you’ll need at least half a million visits per month to move to the next level. So don’t worry just yet.
Google Adsense is much better than any other alternative out there, especially in a case when your traffic is not organic (i.e. not from search queries). Because we’re going to be sending a lot of traffic directly from Facebook, we want relevant adverts given to our audience even if they’re not coming from search engines, and you know… Google is in control of a good part of the internet, so they can show decent adverts to your audience even if they come from any Social Media sites 
Also, you can try this even if you’re on a tight budget because I’m going to be showing you how to earn money with CPA offers (no Adsense or CPC/CPM networks) and make a few extra per month with paid traffic in my next article 

Let us begin…
First of all I would like to reiterate the fact that you must have a good budget for the task ahead, as you know you must invest in every business you want to do in order to get results. There are 3 crucial steps you would take to achieve this. These 3 steps are the basics I also have an extra step I call the recycle and automates process, but I would be discussing this in a latter post.

Step 1: Create a Blog

Creating a blog is one of the easiest things to do here, you can either use blogger or wordpress, for those on a tight budget, you can use blogger and get a custom domain address for it. Leave a comment below if you find it difficult setting up a blog with blogger and redirecting custom domain. This shouldn’t take you more than 1-2 hours; the key with Adsense is having great traffic and having a good CTR (Click trough rate). Since Adsense works on a CPC basis, the higher your CTR, the higher your earnings. Trust me, with the amount of traffic you are going to be sending to your blog, increasing your CTR from 3% to 5% could be the difference between $100 and $180 a day. So you need good CTR.
I’ve tested a lot of themes for this, and many of them don’t work. Simple theme usually does the work. I’ve got my CTR above 10% some times when a story goes viral, but at least, I try to aim to anything above 5%.
Unfortunately, I can’t show you my Adsense earnings because it’s against their Terms of Service, but I guarantee you will have a great CTR with Simple theme.
I also would recommend you to change your theme every 1-2 months to keep your CTR high. Having a mobile responsive theme is KEY, since many people will visit your blog from facebook for Android or iOS, and you want your Ads and videos to look good in there.

Step 2: Create a Facebook Fan Page and grow it

I have written a guide some time back about how to grow your fan page from 0 – 1000 daily visitors in 10 days. This cost only N1000 to have the guide sent in your email and also gives you access to join our whatsapp and online classes.
There are a few changes happening on Facebook lately, so in case you want to take advantage from them:
·         Use Facebook Newsfeed and Mobile Newsfeed Ads! The volume there is really high compared to Right Hand Sided (RHS) Ads.
·         Facebook is bringing out new, bigger RHS ads. They’re bigger and probably a little bit more expensive than before, but the size difference between those and the newsfeed ads isn’t as big as before. You can get a lot of new likes from RHS too, and the CTR will be high while the competition adapts. The only hitch here is that RHS ads are displayed to desktop computers only, but hey, there are lots of people on Facebook.
·         Facebook now shows your ad budget during the day, no matter the time your upload it and get approved. This is very helpful because if you start an Ad at 10pm with a budget of $10 per day, Facebook will only spend $1 between 10pm and midnight instead of using $10 in 1-2 hours with nonsense results.
There you have it. Just copy the same strategy from my guide and apply these new advantages. Since we’re going big, I’d recommend a daily ad budget of $10 to start, and then move to $20-30 per day if you can keep your CTR high and new likes coming.
You’ll receive a lot of organic likes too, from people sharing, tagging and liking your posts on Facebook and other social networks. Those are free 

Step 3. Write good viral stories and publish them in your Fan Page

Basically, you’re going to be looking for interesting stories, news and trends and publish them in your blog. What I’d do is spy other blogs and check the stories they publish. Try websites like, lindaikeji, Upworthy and viralnova.
Also, have a close eye on Google Trends, as you can get a lot of traffic by being the first to write viral news in your website too.
You’re going to post links AND images every few hours, every single day. I recommend you to post between 3-5 links to your website (that means you need to write 3-5 news PER DAY) and also post 3-5 images in between. The images can be part of viral stories, cute animals or impressive facts. The concept is to keep your target audience active and your Facebook reach high.
Example: 8am image, 10pm link to article 1, noon image, 2pm link to article 2, 4pm image, 6pm link to article 3, 8pm image, 10pm link to article 4.
NEVER copy & paste their articles into your website unless you want to get banned from Adsense. Rewrite the stories from your own point of view, ad videos or whatever you need, and always link to the sources. Otherwise you’ll have problems in the long run.
Also, have a look at the placement and distributions of Ads in those websites, as you want to try the same to get a good CTR. I used to have 1-2 Squared Ads in the content, and a big skyscraper Ad in the sidebar. This is a formula that works well.
You should be able to get everything started in 1-2 days if you focus and work fast. Again, let me know if you have any questions below. Depending on how good your stories are, and the budget you spend on Facebook Ads, you’ll start making some profit after a few days or weeks. The more budget, you spend the faster your Fan Page will grow and the more traffic you’ll send to your website. It’s pure mathematics.

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