See How I made Over 2Million Naira in 30days

Hello, my name is Akosa Onyedikachi, I am a Digital Marketer and the Director of a digital marketing platform that help individuals and businesses increase traffic, customers and sales online. Agamahub was launched in order to address the challenges faced by those Nigerians who want to utilize digital means of creating awareness. Let me start by defining digital marketing,

According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.
You can also say that the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media. Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not require the use of the internet like digital billboards and the likes, but we would be focusing on internet channels.

Digital Marketing in today’s world can never be over emphasized. With the trend of advancing technology and almost 90% of Nigerians using a smart phone, you can see that you would be doing yourself a great harm, if you don’t utilize the channels provided to the majority of individuals living in Nigeria, for you to reach out to and showcase your products or services. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, which means you have a very large playing ground to exploit your business ideas and bring them to light.
The internet today has made life easier for a lot of us who find it hard depending on a salary paying job that wouldn’t take care of expenses that can just crawl out of no where.

How do you take care of an emergency that can be life threatening?
How do you take care of medical bills you never planned for?
How do you fix your car if you mistakenly had an accident?
How do you take care of all these?

Friend you need to have a form of residual income to take care of expenses you never planned for. 

I struggled for years trying to get something legitimate to do online until I came across digital marketing, mini importation and drop-shipping which have been my major source of income since February, 2010.

What I am about to expose to you would change your financial status in no distance time only if you act on it fast, Please note that sometimes information can become stale and you might not benefit from it if you don’t take action on time.
I am organizing an online training for only 50 individuals which would be in form of a chat room here on I am sorry I won’t be able to reach more people, reasons are,
I do not want this information to reach the wrong hands, and in return, be used for the wrong reasons. You know many Nigerians have a way of misusing opportunities. I want to guide only 50 people through this process and make sure they start earning.
This online training would open your eyes to opportunities that surround the digital marketing atmosphere

You are going to:

Learn how I made N2,235,000 (Two million, two hundred and thirty five thousand naira) in 30 days selling a hot demand product online.
I already have 50 new hot demand products; I would provide 1 exclusive hot demand product detail each for every participant and teach you how to also find other hot demand products.

Learn how to create a simple sales page or landing page for your business online

Learn how to find hot demand products online that are very affordable and make 100% profit
(I would show you the exact product that is raking in cash for me at the moment)

Learn Mini Importation (UPDATED INFORMATION)

Learn how to reach millions of prospective buyers daily online

Learn how to send over 10,000 emails at once for free (Email Marketing Exclusive)

Learn how to start a professional marketing blog like with less than N5,000

Learn how to integrate payment processing gateway on your business pages online

Learn how to gather targeted email addresses for email marketing purposes

You shall also get a BONUS package which include Email List of over 10,000 verified Nigerian email users living in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Enugu, Jos and other environs would be sent to your email address. You can start selling your products or services through email marketing.

This online training would start on 10th of November, 2018 and run for 3 Saturdays, 4 hours every Saturday, through our whatsapp class and Agamahub classroom online, wherein you can ask all the questions you want answers for.

I would have done this training for FREE, but its important to note that you would value this training more if you make a little sacrifice to get all these information at one go and save your self the stress of trial and error. So I am sorry I wouldn’t entertain request of getting the training and afterwards you would pay me. Please this training is not for everyone, if you are not going to use the information I am going to share please don’t participate. I want to raise 50 millionaires by December 2018 and afterwards spread the gospel. So my limit for this online training is 50 serious minded people who can sacrifice N2,500 (Two thousand five hundred naira only). Did I hear myself? Yes N2,500! This is the best I can do, because I know even a 10 year old can apply the principles and start earning immediately. Please its not a must for everyone, I am not interested in your money, I am interested in having new business associates that can start earning money online with me, I am interested in reducing poverty rate in Nigeria, I am interested in empowering you with my knowledge of Digital Marketing.



BANK NAME: GTB                  
A/C NO: 0142153270            
ACCOUNT NAME: Akosa Onyedikachi        

After successful payment, send depositors name and your whats app number to 09050075240.

You would be sent a link to join a whats app group and link to training material after your payment has been confirmed.

Also if you want one on one training with me at my office, It would cost you N30,000 and it would hold for 4 hours in 3 Saturdays of the month.

Visit us @
13 Nwafor Orizu Avenue, Independence Layout,
Enugu – Nigeria

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