Cocoa is a fast selling agricultural commodity in the local and international markets, reasons are obviously because of its major use in the food processing industry.
Africa is the largest producer and supplier of cocoa to the international export market, with countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, playing a major role.

The worlds largest importers of cocoa are; The United states of America, Brazil, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom. These countries account for more than 2million tons every year in demand.
Here in Nigeria, the major states that produces cocoa are; Akwa Ibom, Abia, Cross River, Delta, Ekiti, Edo, Oyo, Osun, Kogi, Kwara, Ebonyi and rivers state.

There has been an increase in the demand for cocoa in the international market making the price of the commodity to increase here in Nigeria, nonetheless cocoa still remains highly profitable in the export zones. You can make within N1.5 million to N2.5 million on one single transaction of exporting tons of cocoa, without investing any major capital.

Most international contacts that import cocoa, usually order within 5tons, 10tons, 20tons and more. You are likely to be supplying your contacts regularly if you are able to perform well in your first transaction with them. Most times they could order a sample of 1kg - 5kg to see if your product pass the test.

To start exporting cocoa, you would need to get information on:
*How to contact international buyers of raw cocoa
*How to get them to sign export contract wit you
*Where to source cheap cocoa in Nigeria
*Method of payments in export business.
*Documents required
*Packaging method for shipping
*Specification of cocoa needed by most buyers.

You would get all these information and more in a well documented PDF manual to enable you start up fine and you will be given a url link to our classroom consisting of resource persons from freight forwarding companies, seasoned exporters, and other service providers to make your export business stress free..

The manual & online classroom link, would cost only NGR 1,000

If you have an ATM card and you are interested in making payment for this pdf manual online and downloading the PDF File 
(Less than 3MB) 

If you prefer to make a direct bank deposit or transfer:
Send an email to
with subject "Cocoa Export"
Please note that only after payment and confirmation you get the PDF manual in your email as an attachment within 5 - 10 minutes after confirmation of your payment.

For Further Inquiry
Contact: Akosa
Phone: 08104872320
Whatsapp: 09050075240

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